Current Global Investment Outlook

Clients get concise daily as well as weekly updates covering all global equity markets, US sectors, bonds, currencies, and commodities. Through intermarket analysis, Robinson is able to identify the handful of critical global variables that determine the movements of all global asset classes.

Comprehensive Trade Recommendations

Robinson provides his clients with precise entry and exit parameters on all short-term and long-term trades again, covering all global markets and asset classes.

Blockbuster Trade Recommendations

In addition to his ongoing assessments, Robinson is able to identify 3-6 blockbuster trade ideas a year: special situation and maximally scalable trades expected to return 20-50% in a period of months.

Client Trade Vetting and Optimal Trade Expression

Robinson’s clients rely on his rigorously objective assessments as a check on their own in-house investment conclusions.  Robinson also recommends optimal trade expressions to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

A Radical Market Philosophy

Adam Robinson is an investment markets maverick, capitalizing on his lifelong study of thinking and the human mind.  His proprietary methodology for anticipating global financial trend changes across all asset classes with uncanny prescience has made him the trusted personal investment advisor to the heads and chief investment officers of some of the world’s largest hedge funds and UHNW family offices.

Robinson provides his clients tactical as well as strategic trade recommendations across all macro asset classes: global equities, US sectors, bonds, currencies, and commodities.  He can cover all these markets because all markets are connected in his model.

Robinson rejects both fundamental analysis and technical analysis of markets as tools employed by the crowd, and therefore providing no edge.  Instead, Robinson views global markets as varying expressions of the collective thinking of all global investors, a mind as it were.  In his philosophy, financial assets are nothing more than the means by which investors express their thinking about the economic future.

Simply put, financial trends change when the market changes its mind.  Robinson is able to anticipate trend changes weeks to months in advance by detecting when global investors are about to change their mind—before they realize it.  Since all global asset classes are interrelated, one group of traders always perceives risks—or opportunities—before “the market” does, affording the astute observer an incomparable edge.


Robinson has made a lifelong study of outflanking and outsmarting the competition.  In his first career, he developed a revolutionary approach to taking standardized tests as one of the two original co-founders of The Princeton Review.  His paradigm-exploding test-prep book The SAT: Cracking the System, is the only one ever to have been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal or have become a New York Times bestseller.  After selling his interest in the company he’d helped launch, Robinson turned his attention in the early 90’s to the then-emerging field of artificial intelligence, developing a program that could analyze text and provide human-like commentary.   He was later invited to join a well-known quant fund to develop statistical trading models before establishing himself as an independent global macro advisor to the chief investment officers of a select group of major hedge funds and UHNW family offices.

Robinson received his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and his master’s degree from Oxford University, where he studied jurisprudence.  Robinson is a rated chess master who was awarded a Life Title by the United States Chess Federation; as a teenager, he was personally mentored by Bobby Fischer in the 18 months leading up to his winning the world championship.